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Welcome to Real Fast Love Spells
We are a small group of Spell Casters dedicated to helping people through various crisis in their lives. This site is dedicated to those searching for someone to always be there through the toughest times they've faced. Here, you are part of our family. There is no judgement, and everyone, regardless of what they are facing, is welcome. 

We utilize Various Black & White magic techniques. Each Spell Caster you will meet on this website has their own methods, rituals and style. We encourage you to interact with whomever you feel the most comfortable with, and meets the needs of your particular case.
Every Casting Professional on this site has extensive Spell Casting history with an established track record.

You will find many different Spell Casters online, as well as many people who CLAIM to be able to cast. There are a few things I would like you to consider before making your decision regarding your spell(s):

* Please remember to ask whatever Caster you end up working with what their background is. 
*Ask about guarantees behind their services
*Remember that if they don't take the time to listen to you, then they probably aren't interested in helping you. 

Regardless of whether or not you are considering having a real fast love spell cast, I would love to talk to you about what you're dealing with. I specialize in bringing lovers back together using my Real Fast Love Spells, so if you are facing a love related issue, and aren't sure if you want to use a spell, it's ok. I understand you're most likely dealing with a lot right now, and aren't sure. I can help you decide if real love spell casting is even right for you.
Real Fast Love spells can be complicated if not performed correctly. I have been performing various black magic spells for over 40 years.

Pick up the phone and give me a call. I can help guide you and ease your pain even if you don't end up needing a spell cast. 

Don't worry about the time of day, etc. I'm here waiting for you. 
Thank you for reading my website, and please don't judge me by the site. I am a Real Fast Love Spell Caster, not a website designer :)

All my love, 
Madam Nells

Real Love spells are my specialty. I've been performing real love spells, voodoo black magic spells and tons of various real spells, such as:
Real Love spells Real Money Spells Real Success Spells Love spells that actually work Break up Love Spell Reunite Love Spell third party interference love spells. I've been a spell caster for many years, and have the knowledge to cast your real love spell without any mistakes. There are many people out there who claim to be able to cast a real love spell, however to do so requires extensive training and practice. Let a professional caster perform your real love spell. Thanks for stopping by my website, Real fast love spells. 

There are many choices to factor in when considering if a real love spell is right for you. You should use the live chat right now if you are asking yourself any of these following questions:

Do I really understand what a real love spell is?
How does a real love spell work?
Have I ever used a real love spell before?
Why do I want to use a real love spell?
Do I understand the effects of casting a real love spell?
Is the person I'm hiring experienced in performing real love spells?
How long does it take to cast a real love spell?
How do I know when my real love spell is working?
How fast is a real fast love spell?
Whats the difference between voodoo black magic and witchcraft?
Are there difference strengths of real fast love spells?
How many times does a real fast love spell need to be cast?
How long have you been casting real love spells?
Whats the guarantee behind your real fast love spells?
Whats the difference between a real fast love spell and a real love spell?
How will you know if the real fast love spell has worked?
How will I know if the real fast love spell has worked (Other than getting my desired result)
Are there any signs that a real love spell isn't working?
How many different real love spells do you offer?
I see a lot about real love spells, do you offer any other types of real spells?
Why didn't my last Love spell work (Using someone else)
Is it true that giving too much information about the situation can hurt my real love spell working?
Does it matter when the real love spell is cast?
Should I have to pay for a real love spell before I get the spell cast?

And obviously many more. Real love spells are spells that are performed on a case by case basis. No two love spells are ever the same. I have a tried and true technique of getting my love spells to work, guaranteed. Let me change your life today, and help you, using my love spells to get things back on track for you emotionally.

 Real Fast Love Spells ® 1838 N Decatur Blvd, Baton Rouge, LA 78601

Here's a few Love Spells I'm willing to share for anyone that feels like they have enough background to perform a rather basic Love Spell. These Spells listed won't interfere with any work you have done elsewhere, so enjoy!

Draw Love Into Your Home (Love Spell)

Love spell difficulty: Low
Time to Cast: Under an hour

There are many different versions of this one around, but I still feel like it's worth sharing, simply due to the ease of creating it (Everything is very easy to get a hold of)

Find a container around your home, (I have found that using one of significance works better, like an old one passed down, or something handcrafted) and take that container and put in it the following things:

Pieces of yourself: Hair, Blood (If you would prefer to skip this step, that's fine) and an eyelash.
2 Pieces of Quartz 
Cleansed Water
 Fully Developed Leaf
The Description of your Hearts true match written on unlined paper.

After you write the description, burn the paper and put the ashes inside the bottle. Keep the bottle INSIDE your home, preferably in the room you sleep.

Keep this for a period of up to 6 months before repeating.

Make Someone Fall in Love with you Love Spell

Love Spell Difficulty: Medium
Time To Cast: 5 Days

Initial Work: You will need to find 3 dragons blood candles , and label them according to 3 things you will be asking the spirits to do for you in love:

 to open a channel between you and your lover,
 allow feelings to connect between you two, 
and lastly have these feelings turn into fully ignited love.. 

We will label each candle accordingly (I don't mean to literally "Label" Each candle, just remember it's purpose) in line with the desire of that flame. Label the first candle as the "Channel" Love candle.
The second as the "Connect" Love candle
and the third as the "True Love" candle.

These 3 candles will represent the goals of the love spell. 
Lite all 3 candles and allow them to burn during the initial offering:

"Spirits of Love, allow a channel to be opened between ( ___) and me"
"Spirits of Love, allow this channel to blossom a connection between (_____) and me"
"And Finally, Spirits of Love, I beseech you, Allow true love to come between (______) and me"

"Spirits allow these candles to be symbols to you for my desires
Allow there flames to represent my burning desire for what I ask of you
Thank you Spirits and I thank you for listening to my requests upon you"

Take melting wax from the 3 candles immediately afterwards and rub it together (Not a large amount, just a bit from each candle, or you can burn yourself a bit)
and rub it near your belly bottom. This will serve as your gateway.

Hold personal items of the person you are seeking in either hand and stare at each candle as you envision your desires with the person.
Watch each candle for 5 minutes each, with the same thought coursing through your mind.

My most popular spells:

Love spells - My love spells are energy based. This basically means that the love spells harness the connection you and your lover previously shared. This spell is extremely different than a love spell intended on someone you never previously had a relationship with. Make sure to choose the correct spell. If you previously went through a major disaster with your lover, you would need spell work performed to help bury the event. Love spells are cast in a variety of ways, mostly depending on the spell caster and what type of love spells they perform.
 Depending on the circumstances, love spells can work fast, or take many weeks/months to see initial results. Love spells can be cast using energy, but there are also methods of casting love spells using voodoo black magic, and other various spell castings. Most people are interested in the specifics for how long THEIR love spell will take to see initial results, and fully develop. The best way to find out the time required for your love spell casting would be to either use our online chat services, or give us a call.
How long will it take for the love spell to work?
How will I know my love spell is working?
What can I do to improve the love spell casting?
What signs will I see first after the love spell is cast?
What different types of love spells are there?
What effects the strength of a love spell?
What can hurt a love spell being cast?

Money Spells - Money spells are used to improve someones overall personal wealth, management of that wealth, etc. Money spells can take a long time to see results, depending on what the Money Spell is used for. Money spells are always black magic. In all my years, I've never seen a white magic money spell work at all, minus minor improvements. Each money spell is custom designed (As most situations are unique) so contact us for exact specifics.

What types of situations can a money spell help?
How long does a money spell take to work?
What are the signs a money spell is working?
What can I use a money spell for?
What should I do to help the money spell work?
Can you perform multiple money spells at the same time?

3rd Party Interference Spell - This spell is almost always cast in conjunction with a love spell. This spell is created when there is another party involved in hindering your desired relationship with someone. This spell can very complex, especially when performed on a love spell that had a tragic event in the previous relationship. (Or no previous involvement at all) 3rd Party Interference Spells are cast in conjunction with a love spell, usually during back to back spell castings. There are many important roles of a 3rd Party Love Spell, so each one is typically cast after getting the required information behind the love spell and interference spell. 
When would I cast a 3rd party interference spell?
How long does a 3rd party interference spell take to work?
What are the signs that my 3rd party interference spell is working?
Why would I cast this spell with a love spell?
Are these types of love spells real fast?

After casting thousands of love spells, and other types of voodoo black magic, energy based spells and more, I've come to realize that some of the most important things during any casting are setting the proper expectations during the ritual and for what to follow afterwards. 

Selecting a love spell - Which Love spells actually work?
So I posted recently about some spell casting work that I've had done recently, and thought it was worth blogging about the results, as I've never done anything like this before, and found it quite interesting.

I broke up with my Ex fiance a few months back, in what was a whirlwind of an altercation, and was destroyed, I won't even bother lying about it. Night after night, I racked my brain for a way to get her back. She wasn't returning calls, emails or texts and our mutual friends siad she wanted nothing to do with me. I was in rough shape.

Having grown up in an extremely religious household, I decided to look into the spirit world for advice. I found an online forum called http://thespellunderground.physicboards.com/ that listed a variety of spell casters, and reviews on their love spells, as well as background information on the casters themselves. I ultimately ended up using a site called http://realfastlovespells.com/ for my work. I hired a woman by the name of Madam Laveirte, and asked her to cast the most effective love spell that she had in her arsenal. She agreed, and we started the love spell work. Being skeptical at first, I was on the website daily looking for information and checking to see if my case could be an issue for the love spell to fix.

Madam Laveirte assured me that she had cast this very same love spell many times and it was simply a matter of waiting for the love spell to gain strength and she would return. On the 4th day, she text me out of the blue wanting to talk. I was more than excited, as I was starting to believe the love spell was taking hold. I went back to http://realfastlovespells.com/ and asked what I should do to proceed. Madam Nells gave me instructions on what to say, and I followed her advice. Long story short, we were back together almost instantly, and I found myself pleasantly surprised at the effectiveness of the love spell.

Looking back on the whole ordeal, I wouldn't have done a thing different. I enjoyed talking to the madams of the website and their knowledge on love spells is unsurpassed. Being reunited with the woman of my dreams is hard to put in words, but I'm more than happy to try to pass my message along to those still with heartache: hang in there. I know what you are going through.

Sometimes, you just have to let go of control and put the issue in someone elses hands, thats the only way to move forward when you run out of options. I thank god everyday I set aside my pride and opened up to a complete stranger and fixed my situation. Love spell are something that is very new to me, but I will sing their praises form the rooftops.

Thanks again ladies and godspeed with your other clients. Your love spells have changed my life, and I am and always will be a loyal, grateful customer.


Real love spells that work fast
So recently, I went through a nasty break up. I looked around online for a spell casting service (Don't laugh at me) to try to help "Persuade" my ex to come back to me.

Do Spells really work? I was considering a voodoo love spell, and I found TONS of Spell Casters online. Called a few, and really didn't get too much help finding a love spell that actually worked. Most of the Spell Casters I talked to wanted me to send them money first and then wait. Without having been through this before, I was A LITTLE nervous (Understatement)

I found one online called http://realfastlovespells.com/ and spoke with a woman named Holly who listened to me whine for over an hour, before telling me EXACTLY what I was going through. I decided to test her Love spells out, and paid for the casting. She told me that all her Love Spells were guaranteed, and if it didn't work, she would refund my money.

So, I decided to give it a whirl. This was 3 days ago. Yesterday, my ex called me and we went out to dinner, after the Superbowl ended. Today, another call, this time with her asking to come over and watch a movie tonight! I CANNOT ACTUALLY BELIEVE THIS WORKED!

My mind is blown! I truly thought I was simply wasting my time and money, as I really havent ever done anything like this before.

So, in return for my recent good fortune, I've decided to add this kind woman to my blog. Anyone interested in learning more about voodoo love spells (That actually work) or any type of love spell for that matter, simply go to http://realfastlovespells.com/ and give her a call.

It worked for me, and I still can't believe it :)

Thanks again!

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